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El 16/09/2004, a las 10:02, Asko Kauppi escribió:

Of course, LuaX also works fine with MacOS X, hehe. Just try both and use one of them... or use both ;-). Thanks to Open Source you can try and choose whatever best fills your needs.

What's the 'hehe' there.. ;P

I didn't want to start a discussion about that. No rant. That 'hehe' it's just the laugh of the Un*x hacker, happy with having so much alternatives to choose from... sorry, it's hard to express some things with only text, as in email.

No, I think it's very nice and welcome that there's a multiple choices situation. It seems that's a common tendency with Open Source, if you look at KDE/Gnome for instance. I guess competition (healthy, well, challenging?) is good.

Totally agree here. In fact Gnome and KDE is an extremely good example of healthy competition: Gnome development was speeded up by the apparition of KDE, it was being too slow, I think. And as It's Open Source one project always can learn from the good things developed at the other projects, so everyone ends up with better software even when projects maintain different approaches to the same problem (example: Vi is modal, Emacs is not; but Vim and other clones now have regexps, that I think Emacs had before, isn't it?), no matter which one you choose.

Again, I didn't want to rant, and in fact I think that all official-Lua, LuaX and LuaCheia are neccessary, because they ship with different add-ons so they cover the needs of different kinds of users. And there's some minor architectural differeces (i.e: LuaX has a custom interpreter, LuaCheia tries to reuse the standard one, etc) that one user might like and other not. So having alternatives is a Good Thing (tm).


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