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El 16/09/2004, a las 0:05, Samuel M.Smith escribió:

[...] any specific hints for OS X especially with regards compiler flags shared library options etc in the config file. Could some one who had built Lua on OS X tell me how to configure for OSX.

You can compile it with the included makefiles, and you'll get the two static libraries and the lua and luac executables (statically linked). If you try to build shared libraries (i.e: with "make so sobin") gcc will complain: you must change the "-shared" option to gcc and put "-dynamiclib" instead. You might want to enable all the usual stuff on Unix systems: popen() support and dynamic library loading via dlopen(), the instructions in the Lua README work with any version of MacOS X from 10.3 (previous versions of MacOS X needed a patch to support dlopen(), or a patch over Lua sources to use the native MacOS X linker).

Remember: MacOS X is just another flavour of Un*x, hehe :P

If you want binaries ready to use you might want to try LuaCheia (, a Lua 5 distribution that includes the several add-on modules. It is available for MacOS X as a Installer-package: open the DMG and tap double-click with your mouse on the package... voilà.


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