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You might want to start with LuaX ( It's one of the Lua 5 distributions (like LuaCheia). Grab 0.70-alpha2 tgz, and just 'make' :).

To build with the modules included (SDL etc.) you must first install them via fink. There's more info in the release notes.

LuaX is a multiplatform distro, you can use it not only on OS X but also Win32, Linux, NetBSD.. PocketPC (not tested). have fun!


16.9.2004 kello 01:05, Samuel M.Smith kirjoitti:

I am a newbie to LUA. I have been programming Python for some time and am looking at Lua as maybe a smaller more embeddable language. Anyway to play around with Lua I want to build it on Os X. The readme and install files that come with the distribution don't give any specific hints for OS X especially with regards compiler flags shared library options etc in the config file. Could some one who had built Lua on OS X tell
me how to configure for OSX.