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What's the 'hehe' there.. ;P

No, I think it's very nice and welcome that there's a multiple choices situation. It seems that's a common tendency with Open Source, if you look at KDE/Gnome for instance. I guess competition (healthy, well, challenging?) is good.


16.9.2004 kello 02:20, Adrián Pérez kirjoitti:

El 16/09/2004, a las 0:26, Asko Kauppi escribió:

You might want to start with LuaX ( It's one of the Lua 5 distributions (like LuaCheia). Grab 0.70-alpha2 tgz, and just 'make' :).

Of course, LuaX also works fine with MacOS X, hehe. Just try both and use one of them... or use both ;-). Thanks to Open Source you can try and choose whatever best fills your needs.