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This is a proposed design for a cross platform editor and debugger fixme for Lua.

If you have any comments or would like to join the development of this project you should join the VisLua-dev mailing list at:


There are a number of Lua editors and debuggers fixme in circulation. Some have fallen by the wayside and some are platform specific. The idea is to produce a simple framework for an open source cross platform develop22ment system which will continue to be maintained by the Lua community. It would also be nice to support different locales.

Existing projects

Lua projects from which ideas could be drawn are :-

Other projects which could provide inspiration are listed below. There is not really much point listing every editor there is. Features for the editor can be discussed when it is designed and written.


Downloadable binaries of Lua are provided for the following platforms [16]. It would be nice to cover as many platforms as possible with any work done.


Any general feedback, ideas, volunteers ;-) etc!! You can join the VisLua-dev mailing list at:

Right, I will mention some in the motivation. Pythons IDLE is mentioned below under interactive console --NDT
suggestion: either start using the standard term IDE, or give a rationale for why an editor and debugger is not the same as an IDE

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