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I'm one of the developers of LuaCheia, which has taken the basic approach of LuaBinaryModules and vastly extended and refined it, into a complete full-featured Lua distribution with the stock Lua 5.0 interpreter at its core. LuaCheia includes (among many other things) a working, maintained version of the SDL binding by AskoKauppi.

I've proposed a standard for binary modules (really just repackaging some work of Ignacio Castan~o), see LuaBinaryModules.

I'm interested in incremental GC for Lua. I have a half-written prototype based on Lua 4.0. Fortunately the Lua authors are working on an incremental generational GC for Lua 5.1, so I don't have to.

I made a patch for Lua 4.0 to implement cooperative multitasking/latent functions, by providing a "yield()" function that exits from a script and allows it to be resumed later. The patch is on the LuaPowerPatches page. (Lua 5.0 includes a better version of this; see "coroutines".)

I'm experimenting with Lua (among other things) in my game-engine testbed project [1].

I embedded Lua 3.2 to use for simple configuration and a couple scripts, in the game Soul Ride [2]. The use of Lua and scripting in general was pretty minor in that project, although it's getting used more and more for maintenance features, like localization.

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