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i don't really grok the wiki concept
[Is it a link]

-- the idea is that you can contribute to this site at will, without waiting for majority consensus or any other such nonsense. Got something to share? Post it. See a typo, dead link, or some other error on a page? Fix it. It's like an "open source website" -- a whole community can contribute in parallel.

link to the SandBox



This is yet another Wiki test on this page.

Diff Test

What's the matter with additional spaces in the diffs?

[[Page name with spaces]]

Do I create new pages by linking to them ? FlemmingMadsen yes indeed!

hello lacks an introduction text for new users and project owners, let's create one: LuaForgeNewProject


[#GoHereNow?] Some text here

TexT Text text ([#IWentHereNow])

Here's Herbert!

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