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This page is meant to give an introduction to how to use [LuaForge] (possibly will be moved later).

disclaimer: these are currently rather unspecific notes from the top of my head -- I will return here soon after checking the description against the LuaForge UI and will update the page to better reflect reality

The tasks a new LuaForge user has to do is

creating a user account

This one is easy. Either go to the [LuaForge main page] and follow the link to create an account from the list of steps to do for new projects at the top. Or go to the "My Page" tab where you can login or create a new account. Use this newly created account to login to LuaForge.

for the record: the URL to create an account is

registering a project

The top of the LuaForge main page has a link to the page where you apply to have your project hosted on LuaForge. That URL is You have to specify several parameters of the project:

setting up for administration

Once the project was accepted, visit the project's page on LuaForge. Either by going to http://<projectname> (which may not yet work before dns updates propagated through caches). Or by looking up the project in the bottom right hand corner of LuaForge's main page ("recently registered"). The project won't show up yet in the projects tree until it was categorized for Trove.

Browse through the individual tabs and their subpages. Setup or change passwords as needed (e.g. for mailing lists). Create additional mailing lists, forum groups, etc.

Uploading documents works at this moment. Uploading files may work too (FIXME haven't tested that). FTP access to upload or change the project's website works at this moment, too. However interactive logins and cvs access won't. These are handled in the next section.

setting up for development

As mentioned above, FTP access, documents and files upload works rather quickly. Access to sources hosted on LuaForge takes some more work:

Create a SSH key (either by running the GUI style PuTTYgen program from the [PuTTY suite] and exporting the public key in OpenSSH format, or by running the ssh-keygen(1) command line tool.

Upload your SSH public key in the "account management" tab, an appropriate form may have appeared at the bottom of that page. Paste the public key file text into the form's text input area and make sure that no line breaks were inserted. Make sure that the number of keys is listed as "1" (the number one) in your account details. Click the "update" button, and allow some two hours to pass by for the automat to propagate the change in the system.

Now you should be able to run a SSH session against, using the private key you have created. Beware that it's essential to use this very host name. Although the cvs.<projectname> name exists, that's a different machine and will NOT accept the login!

It's important to understand that this ssh key will only get you CVS access to the project hosted on LuaForge. Interactive sessions are disabled, as is access to other machines than the CVS server.

Refer to the "SCM" tab of your project for commands to carry out CVS access.

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