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Some of these are less actual feature proposals than discussion areas for various supposed Lua warts (which may have multiple solutions)...


Libraries and Functionality




Code Quality/Correctness/Error Handling


Coding Style


User Maintained Lists

These user pages maintain lists of feature proposals:

Lua 5.2

See also LuaFiveTwo.

Past Resolved Issues

These issues were closed, retracted, or since implemented.

Lua Patches

Some features have been implemented as a non-standard patch: LuaPowerPatches. Other ideas are implemented in MetaLuaRecipes.

Miscellaneous Examples

This prints "1". Possibly would be better to require that "--[[" comments terminate with "--]]" rather than just "]]".

  g = f[x[y]]

Personal Comments

Can we remove items that are not actually feature proposals from this page (e.g. StoringNilsInTables)? Perhaps start LuaWarts?.

I've started restructuring this page in terms of various classes of problems each containing some number of identified problems each having zero or more proposed solutions. I think the problems themselves are more important and interesting than any one proposed solution when deciding how the language should evolve. Also, the structure of the ResourceAcquisitionIsInitialization and DetectingUndefinedVariables pages is noteworthy: they similarly describe a problem and follow it by various solutions (including design patterns, patches, metaprogramming/source-filtering solutions, proposed language changes, etc.) and therefore fit this structure well. Still maybe this all belongs on a different page. Not all these problems are necessarily solved by language changes, though the existence of them could be a reason to at least consider language changes.--DavidManura

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