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> On Aug 17, 2023, at 16:01, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo <> wrote:
> We are open to all solutions.
> Our goal is reliability first, flexibility second.
> Friendliness towards Lua is a major plus. is mostly static, right?

Perhaps a github + netlify combo could cover <> — both service are free for that purpose. See example of such setup: [01] ⤳ [02] ⤳ [03].

Not sure what's required to run lua-l (mailman [04]?), but perhaps a few µcompute nodes such as <> would do [05]? Their free allowance is good enough — if frugal.

And perhaps a mix of the above for <>, as it seems to have a bit of dynamic content (i.e. wiki).

Otherwise, for a more do-it-yourself approach, a small set of VMs cost a few dollars per month — e.g. a basic DigitalOcean Droplet cost around USD 4 per month.

Irrespectively of physical infrastructure, the main cost of these lua resources would most likely be administration, and maintenance —i.e. your time to keep them running.

[04] Mailman apparently, e.g. X-Mailman-Version: 3.2.1