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I would suggest SourceHut[0,1] instead, for its commitment to FLOSS. It has a similar functionality to GH Pages, very originally called SourceHut Pages[2]. And, it also has mailing list funcitonality[3]. Everything is managed and maintained by the SourceHut project/company.

It is pretty inexpensive, in my opinion (20 USD/year), but if that is not an option, there's a chance they would willingly host your project for free[4] (Lua has quite a history, after all):

> is the hosted instance of sourcehut and provides paid services to its users. On, all plans have access to the same features, at the same level. You should pick the plan which best matches your financial needs and best represents the level of investment you have in sourcehut. If you require financial aid to use sourcehut, please send an email explaining your circumstances and we'll do our best to accommodate your needs.