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Am Do., 16. März 2023 um 15:32 Uhr schrieb Gerhard Sittig
> That's why you have a pseudo RNG in the software, and _seed_ that
> from something with much better entropy. Results in the fast(er)
> generation of GoodEnough(TM) random numbers at an acceptable
> cost. Or did I miss something?

... well this "slower operation" is the reason, I did not use RNG so
far ... but I am not at the end of my development, currently such
"hacker danger problems" are not crucial for me.

(I need fast startup times of my system in msec range, and I also need
to be sure or course, that Lua could not somehow introduce unwanted
wait states by "drawing too fast random numbers" ... so to be careful,
I skipped this RNG module for the beginning - but I did not
investigate this further, I am frightened I cannot really help you
with deeper questions...).