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Am Mi., 8. Feb. 2023 um 17:23 Uhr schrieb Jay Elston <>:
> From a safety engineering point of view, the overall system design should be safe if any of these event occur --
> 1. The computer itself has hardware faults and commands the system to go into an unsafe state.

... to avoid that we start "discussing beneath each other". As I
understood it, the original question in this post refers to embedded
systems with restricted RAM (so typically 1-chip microcontrollers with
RAM on board).

Typical application with extreme security concerns here would e. g. in
cars the ABS or other security system, or the system in cars or even
air planes, and various medical applications where some person
"hanging at the machine" is VERY dependent on 100% working software...
. (better 200% :) ). And if you do this in airplane, best the software
engineers should accompany the first test flight to demonstrate their
confidence :).

... so far away from any "computer/PC application"...