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On Wed, Nov 24, 2021 at 7:58 PM Marvin Scholz <> wrote:

Oh wow thats disappointing. Thanks for letting me know though!

It would be great if that was stated in a more obvious place
like on the Github Mirror (which directs to this mailing list)

The GitHub mirror is an *exact* copy of the Lua team's internal repo. (Note that the GitHub repos reflect the file structure as it is developed, not as it is arranged in the official tarballs, and also contain the internal Makefiles rather than the release Makefiles.) To add a note to it would require the Lua team to make that commit internally, although that might not be a bad idea.

and maybe make a note about this on the Community [1] page…

Possibly, though I think the FAQ note is sufficient. The Community page IMO should avoid negative statements and focus on positive statements.

I have no idea how you even found that FAQ page, I can not find
it linked anywhere.

The FAQ page is linked from the header strip on the main documentation page: (this is the page you get from clicking Documentation on the home page).