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Oh wow thats disappointing. Thanks for letting me know though!

It would be great if that was stated in a more obvious place
like on the Github Mirror (which directs to this mailing list)
and maybe make a note about this on the Community [1] page…

I have no idea how you even found that FAQ page, I can not find
it linked anywhere.


On 25 Nov 2021, at 1:26, Jonathan Goble wrote:

On Wed, Nov 24, 2021 at 6:45 PM Marvin Scholz <> wrote:
Could someone kindly review and maybe merge these patches, if they are ok?

Or is this not the right place to propose patches?

From the Lua FAQ [1]:

> Do you accept patches?
> We encourage discussions based on tested code solutions for problems and enhancements, but we never incorporate third-party code verbatim. We always try to understand the issue and the proposed solution and then, if we choose to address the issue, we provide our own code. All code in Lua is written by us. See also the previous question.

The previous question further explains that "Lua is open-source software but it is not openly developed" and links to this explanation from 2008: