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On 2020-07-19 02:46, Paul Merrell wrote:
BTW, Alek, I couldn't find on your syslinux site any description of what
syslinux is and does.

Sorry, perhaps more appropriate for the list is the Lua module page in
the syslinux wiki:

It is not exactly up to date (currently, the bundled Lua is 5.2, not 5.1
as in initial Lua module merge in 2010). I am just ordinary syslinux
user, but I have a bullet in my TODO/Sonar list for syslinux BLS [1]
compatibility in Lua. After that, we will have an occasion to refresh
the page.

The original author - hpa [2] is more than well known for its
significant work. Lua module has been started by Alexey Zaytsev in 2008,
gradually improved by number of syslinux contributors and finished in
its current pleasing shape by Ferenc Wágner in 2014.

Almost every sysadmin knows the project, because at least 90% of network
boot setups are pxelinux (subproject of syslinux). The sad thing is,
that the majority just blindly copy/paste netboot configurations and is
ignorant about the Lua feature and EFI support.

Kind Regards,