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On 2020-07-18 02:59, Paul Merrell wrote:

My current question is about the Firefox support. Is there anything
more recent than Moonshine? It's last code commitment was in 2015.

Sure - . It is a long time, supported effort by some
core Lua community members. You can also take a look to the introductory
article [1], about the differences with other Lua in Browser


BTW, I have another very important project for your list: syslinux - the
most universal and human friendly :-) Linux bootloader which supports:
PXE, EFI, BIOS, ISO and DOS/Windows [2]:


Kind Regards,

P.S. Paul, when you have hour or two, take a look at Dolt [3] - OSS
versioned (git-like), MySQL compatible [4] Database engine, and their
github-like hosted instance [5].

Since Lua quietly pop-ups everywhere :-), maybe it's worth it to
transform your already long list to a queryable versioned DB, where you
could merge PRs from the community. Eventually, it could become sub-app
of based on such datasource?