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On Tue, Apr 21, 2020 at 19:18:59 +0200, Lorenzo Donati wrote:
> It seems I can't log-in any longer.

Since others will likely encounter this too, I'll respond on-list.

> I admit it's been ages since I tried, so I can't say it depends on the
> migration, but I used to log-in via the page at:

This is definitely no longer going to work.

> Now that link is dead, and when I try to log-in via the new landing page it
> doesn't accept my credentials.
> I also tried to reset my password, but the system answers my mail address is
> unknown.

You need to *register* a user with the same email address you are on the list with,
and when you do that, it'll join up the dots for you.  That's the subtlety which may
catch people out.

So hit the 'sign up' link instead of 'log in' :D


Daniel Silverstone               
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