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On 18/04/2020 21:04, Daniel Silverstone wrote:
Hi all,

The Pepperfish mail backend migration has now been completed, including
lua-l transition.

If you take a look at
then you'll see the new "landing page" for the Lua mailing list.  Things will
look a little wonky until we fix up the strange HTML which was present in the description
but that should work and is the new page for subscribing to the list etc.

List archives are now at
but may take a little while to fully integrate.

In theory if you create an account on the listmaster interface and log into it,
then you may even be able to post from that interface, though I have not tried
this out myself.

If there are any major issues, please let me know directly (off-list)
but I believe everything should be OK now.

Thanks for bearing with us,


Hi Daniel!

It seems I can't log-in any longer.

I admit it's been ages since I tried, so I can't say it depends on the migration, but I used to log-in via the page at: MAIL ADDRESS HERE

Now that link is dead, and when I try to log-in via the new landing page it doesn't accept my credentials.

I also tried to reset my password, but the system answers my mail address is unknown.

Any suggestion? Thanks!

-- Lorenzo

P.S.: note that I regularly receive the mailing list messages as usual, so it's funny my email address is not recognized as a valid login.

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