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> Therefore could you please consider to allow the following extensions to the
> Ref manual spec "6.4.2-Format strings for pack":

Some of these options are already there:

> S0: a null-terminated String

This is option 'z'.

> S: a string, where the number field before specifies the string length (so
> that the string length can be specified also by a short number, e. g. 1 byte
> or so)

This is option 'sn', where 'n' is the number of bytes of the preceding
length (e.g., 's2' uses an unsigned short for the length).

> b3 24-bit number (signed, B3 would be unsigned)
> h3 48-bit number (signed, H3 would be unsigned)

These are options 'i3' and 'i6'.

-- Roberto