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Thanks for info, this is really nice news.

I misunderstood the i3, i6 then ... I thought from first reading that it
mean 3 int sizes or 6 int sizes (I really thought "How stupid is this?"
...sorry...) ... but it clear from ref-manual, I checked again, it was my

Just the bit types (at least please a, a2, a4) would be really required VERY
much (allone for bits or bits with status - in such typical "status
reporting" you have typically myriads of booleans, or of "state numbers" 0-3
(e. g. 0=off, 1=green, 2=yellow, 3= red state or similar application).

And Float16 really would also bit nice. If you have float, then binary
conversion from float to half float is not TOO hard ... but e. g. Arm Cortex
M3... has hardware command for this... (just you need to specify with inline
assembly, compilers usually do NOT support short float to my knowledge, at
least not ArmCC).

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