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Hi Francesco,
sorry, the application is more described in my other Email from this morning
(32_BIT_LUA, 48bit-Integers), I did not want to repeat this here. This would
be for sending data between controller devices, using quite low datarate
interfaces (e. g. CAN, KNX). Such protocols typically also limit the
telegram byte count to 8Byte or 16 Byte, so the messages really should not
be too long. E.g. in a house system you would like every room to send room
statistics data to the server in some pre-defined time cycles... . In this
case it is quite important that you can put as many information as possible
into 8 or 16 bytes... .

The sending is no problem, this my software will do. I just would be happy,
if there is some "general way" to define a format string for such a "packed
data transfer". Bit packing is not so difficult... . If I have some code
ready, I will show it to you... . (I do not want the integration into lua,
because I cannot do it myself - I just would prefer, that this "Format
string" is defined in some popular environment as lua).

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