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Op Ma., 20 Aug. 2018 om 19:37 het Bill Kelsoe
<> geskryf:

> I am trying to create my first function. However, page 14 in Refman for function calls lists the syntax as functioncall --> prefixexp args

The syntax definition are there because it is a reference manual, not
a primer. The terms used are very technical. It basically means that
you don't need to write 'f(a,b,c)', you could also write '(f or
g)(a,b,c)', so that if f is nil, g gets used instead.

> what are these? I am new to programming guys. Are these evaluee values or the variables? Is there any book that teaches kindergarten or primary kids these terms? I am really frustrated. I dont even know what garbage collection means. why would I collect garbage

I explain some terms, including Garbage, in my Lua Glossary:
Maybe start there.