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I'm pleased to announce that Lua has been brought up to date in the FreeBSD ports tree.

Thanks to the hard work of Andrew Gierth and a number of FreeBSD committers, Lua 5.3.5 and LuaRocks 3.0.1  are now available as source and binary packages. I saw a message about NeoVim being tested against 5.3.5, so I expect it to be patched soon if it isn't already. 

There is other work being done that will hopefully bear fruit in the future. Andrew has an update to the FreeBSD ports build system to use Flavors[1][2]. This update will help with Lua version dependencies. I am hopeful the build update will also get us a chance to run an exploratory build (exp-run) of all the Lua dependent packages at the new revision. The thought is that the exp-run will show us  everything that breaks so we can fix it.

So once again, thanks for the great language, the awesome package manager, and Andrew for bailing me out when I was in way over my head!