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>>>>> "Hisham" == Hisham  <> writes:

 >> - stealing an option letter (currently -N) to disable editing might
 >> cause conflicts in future, and obviously isn't portable to unpatched
 >> systems; I _think_ that it should be unnecessary, since loading
 >> libedit with RTLD_LOCAL should prevent it interfering with lua
 >> modules, and some preliminary testing suggests that this is so

 Hisham> I wouldn't add an option for that, in which situations would
 Hisham> one want to use the REPL but not the command-line history when
 Hisham> the library for that is available?

When manually testing something that involves loading a module that
conflicts with the command-line editing code, of course.

But testing seems to show that RTLD_LOCAL is sufficient to prevent any
of the obvious problems, and things don't seem to break even when two
incompatible libraries are loaded (one from require() and one as a
dependency of libedit); so I've already abandoned the idea of an option
for this.