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Since the "lua" binary is usually built with readline or libedit for
command-line editing, this introduces a potential incompatibility with
lua-curses, since readline/libedit will also be pulling in a
curses/termcap/terminfo library (depending on platform).

On FreeBSD using the existing ports builds, this incompatibility is
actual, not potential; the lua binary ends up linked with
while (installed from luarocks) wants, and
stuff breaks.

I had hoped to fix this in the updated ports (for 5.3.5 and 5.4.0), but
it turns out that my original solution (which is the one now used in the
"freebsd" target in the makefiles in 5.3.5/5.4work) may not be
acceptable for use in the freebsd ports tree, so I'm looking for another

So far I've considered:

1) install an extra copy of the lua binary, this one built without
readline support

2) patch lua.c to make it load libedit/libreadline dynamically rather
than explicitly linking it, and not load it until it's needed (and maybe
add an option to disable it even then)

Any ideas?