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On 19 July 2018 at 20:40, Andrew Gierth <> wrote:
> Open questions:
>  - stealing an option letter (currently -N) to disable editing might
>    cause conflicts in future, and obviously isn't portable to unpatched
>    systems; I _think_ that it should be unnecessary, since loading
>    libedit with RTLD_LOCAL should prevent it interfering with lua
>    modules, and some preliminary testing suggests that this is so

I wouldn't add an option for that, in which situations would one want
to use the REPL but not the command-line history when the library for
that is available?

>  - currently it silently falls back to no editing if dlopen fails,
>    should there be a warning saying why?

Reverting silently is fine (especially if there is no flag to turn it on/off).

I tend to see command-line editing in the Lua REPL as a "bonus
feature", because by now I got used to not count on it: in the various
Lua environments I use (different versions on different OSes), some
have it and some don't and I never remember beforehand which is which.

-- Hisham