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Hello list,

This is the announcement of the release candidate for LuaRocks 3.0.0.
If no critical show-stopper bugs are reported, this same packages will
be renamed as 3.0.0 final, with a proper release announcement.

The packages are here:

** New in this rc1: Windows packages **
This release contains both the Unix tarball and two versions of the
Windows zip: the "legacy" installer which works the same as the zip
files released with all LuaRocks versions so far, and a new zip file
with the all-in-one luarocks.exe binary that runs with no additional
dependencies. The luarocks.exe program assumes you're using a
Microsoft compiler toolchain when running from the Visual Studio
developer console, or a mingw toolchain otherwise (everything can be
hand-tuned via config files as usual).

If you give this rc1 a spin, please let me know! The more positive
feedback it gets ("no, it did not set my computer on fire!"), the
faster this package will graduate into 3.0.0 final. :)

-- Hisham