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On 07/20/18 18:54, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo <> wrote:
> [...]
The page says:
"Download the test suite for your release of Lua (or the closest one)"

Oh, thanks. I missed that text in parentheses.

I welcome suggestions for better and clearer sentence there. Thanks.

A little sideways to the conversation, but a note that sprang
to mind regarding software engineering best practices:

Some projects demand that any patch to the code include a
patch-specific test case, that demonstrates the presence of a
defect if the code is unpatched, but which passes if the patch
is applied (the obvious name:  A regression test rig).

I suspect that the person who posed the original question was
anticipating/expecting an updated test rig to cover at least
the changes since the last dot-point release, in line with
this style of code management within the industry.

I'm not good at reading minds; that's just my guess.


s-b etc etc etc