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Am 12.07.2018 um 13:23 schrieb papr:
Hello "Team Lua",
i have proper  installed "Lua 5.4.0" under Win7 64 bit,
The Lua - Terminal started with follow Head Message  "Lua 5.4.0 Copyrigth (c) 1994-2018 PUC-Rio"
When i will start my "test.lua", with content:         io.write(“Hello World!”)     over the Win7 Console,  there is no issue,
come the error message "L:\Lua\bin\lua.exe: L:\test.lua:1: unexpected symbol near `</147>` (see attachment ).
I´m a "Lua - Newbie", can you help me???
I would be very happy, could you sacrifice a few minutes of your precious time for my request.
Best regards from germany
Paul Preuß

Check the quotes around Hello World!
They should be "", but seem to be “”