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On 18 March 2018 at 07:32, Petri Häkkinen <> wrote:
>>> In my opinion, Lua should either say there are no array semantics, it
>>> is all a map; or provide an array subtype, rather than doing this type
>>> of clever hack which is nonetheless a hack. For the sake of the poor
>>> user.
> Anyone willing to step up and write a patch for arrays? I bet it would solve the issues with #, make Lua code clearer about its intent and also give a nice perf boost. As arrays would be a new lang feature, existing code would not be affected at all.
> A good proof of concept and demonstration how it solves the issues might be all that is needed to convince Roberto et all that this is the right way to go ;-)
> Heck, this could be the killer feature of 6.0 that would make people stuck in 5.1 to jump aboard.
> If not, then at least we could drop this talk about arrays and move on.
> Any takers?

I can do one as I have implemented most of this already in Ravi, but
it is a bit of effort as changes are needed in the table library, VM
etc. I'd rather not do this on a moving target - better to wait for
5.4 to stabilize. I could do it on 5.3 but that would be useless.