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It was thus said that the Great Jay Carlson once stated:
> Why aren't you using Git references?

  Oh, so you mean something like

	syslog = require "3a40a635633cb7a2627850811d8f047430b071fa" -- ??
	syslog = require "3a40a635633cb7a2627850811d8f047430b071fa.syslog" -- ??
	syslog = require "3a40a63.syslog" -- ??

  The "3a40a635633cb7a2627850811d8f047430b071fa" is the actual git reference
to the latest version of org.conman.syslog, so is the reference itself
enough?  Or anything past the '.' ignored?  The problem here (other than the
ones brought up with UUIDs) are bug fixes.  I do use semantic versioning, so
if there's a bug and I fix it (without breaking anything) then the git
reference changes.  For instance, you used version 2.1.2:

	syslog = require "c3fd7bacbf445c52f4d5ce6ae0f6ef409377ca44" -- 2.1.2

  Now I fix a bug that is backwards compatable (i.e. no code changes on your
side) now require a codefix:

	syslog = require "3a40a635633cb7a2627850811d8f047430b071fa" -- 2.1.3

This also doesn't say *which* git repository to pull from.  It's just a
meaningless number.  Now, if you mean something like:

	syslog = require "";

That's doable now!  Just add a routine to packages.searchers to do the
fetch, but that a) requires a live network connection (unless the searcher
caches the module) and b) it becomes a nightmare to support modules written
in C.  

  -spc (Not liking the idea ... )