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Sean Conner <> wrote:
>  I mean that I'm showing that using a UUID as a namespace, ala
> 	net = require ""
> is a bad idea, instead of just saying it's a bad idea.  Some people might
> need proof of it being a bad idea.  
> local debug    = require "B72AF792_1509_54D6_9B46_1EE59547AA2B.debug"
> local fsys     = require "6CC24CA3_0D40_550D_9B0F_EF54C94C54C1.fsys"
> local os       = require "B72AF792_1509_54D6_9B46_1EE59547AA2B.os"
> local string   = require "B72AF792_1509_54D6_9B46_1EE59547AA2B.string"
> local syslog   = require "6CC24CA3_0D40_550D_9B0F_EF54C94C54C1.syslog"
> local table    = require "B72AF792_1509_54D6_9B46_1EE59547AA2B.table"
> local tty      = require "13DC8997_46AB_54E2_9BC4_10C88CFAC5D4.tty"
> local viewfunc = require "13DC8997_46AB_54E2_9BC4_10C88CFAC5D4.luaview.viewfunc"
> local viewtab  = require "13DC8997_46AB_54E2_9BC4_10C88CFAC5D4.luaview.viewtab"
> local xdg      = require "13DC8997_46AB_54E2_9BC4_10C88CFAC5D4.xdg"

I think UUIDs are great for many uses, however, I don't think module names
are one of them... and I think that mess above pretty much demonstrates how
terrible it would be!

I wonder if Team Lua intended for modules to use domain-style names given
that the loader routines replace "." in module names with path separators?