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Soni They/Them L. <> wrote:

> I don't like using centralized authorities (DNS) for this stuff.
> Why not use UUIDs?
> local net = require ""

UUID Identifier:

local mod = require "5ae29a42-0795-11e8-ba89-0ed5f89f718b"


local mod = require "net.fizzypop.socket"

I definitely prefer the domain style identifier over the UUID
style ones. Also, it's not like you have to register domain
lookalike identifiers with a central registrar or anything.

It is just a convenient way to create a hierarchy for modules
created by the same person or organisation. The domain style
identifiers are like UUIDs, just ones that carry meaning.

For example, it is way more apparent what "net.fizzypop.socket"
will do... without having to look it up somewhere how would
you know what "5ae29a42-0795-11e8-ba89-0ed5f89f718b" does?

Actually, if anything, you would almost need to create some
sort of central registry to manage the UUIDs used by people
and organisations and to map UUIDs to some logical names.