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Soni They/Them L. <> wrote:

> This is code we're talking about. I don't think code should rely on a
> centralized service like DNS. Code should be decentralized.

Just becomes someone uses a domain-like identifier doesn't mean it actually
has to be a valid domain name registered somewhere. It's not like Lua is
going to do a DNS lookup on the identifier and refuse to load the module
if it doesn't get back a record.

> Just make a random UUID, publish it somewhere, perhaps with a notation
> "lua-package:UUID", and have it indexed by search engines. This also
> doesn't depend on DNS and the code/UUID could be hosted on e.g. a Tor
> hidden service (which would make it a bit tricky to look up, but at least
> it wouldn't be centralized).

Why are you so stuck on DNS, Soni? These identifiers are just textual
strings that happen to look like domain names, and in some cases may
actually be domain names, but it's not a requirement that you register
the identifier in DNS in order to use them... although it is convenient
to use actual domain names as identifiers to reduce potential conflict.