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It was thus said that the Great Paige DePol once stated:
> Actually, if anything, you would almost need to create some
> sort of central registry to manage the UUIDs used by people
> and organisations and to map UUIDs to some logical names.

  Not really.  The generally used format for UUID is version 4 [1] is
randomly generated, and it's considered unlikely that randomly generated
UUIDs will clash (it's possible, but very unlikely).  And most modern Unix
systems (at least Linux and Mac OS-X, both of which I tested) come with a
command (uuidgen) that generates UUIDs.

  There are other versions as well---version 1 (not generally recommended
because of security concerns [2]) is well guarenteed to be unique since it's
based off the time of generation, and versions 3 and 5 use various hash
algorithms to generate UUIDs.

  This really depends upon a organization (or person) consistently using the
same UUID for each module released.


[1]	RFC-4122

[2]	It embeds the MAC address of the generating node inside the UUID.