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On Thu, Jan 18, 2018 at 12:19 PM, Hisham <> wrote:
> Hi Russell,
> This is an *awesome* initiative. I'm eager to help any way I can in
> anything LuaRocks-related. (My helping abilities are limited by the
> fact that I'm not a Windows user, though, but it would be great to see
> a repo of binary rocks available.)

Awesome! Er, I mean:
Your support invigorates me. Thank you. :)


> Side note: the Pope might have issues with the project name (PUC being
> the Pontifical Catholic University, you know — several universities in
> Brazil and other countries carry that name).
> -- HIsham
> On 18 January 2018 at 18:10, Russell Haley <> wrote:
>> Description: PUC-Lua aims to provide standard Lua in binary form to
>> Windows users for whome the phrase "What's a compiler?" is not a joke.
>> What has been done:
>> - I have transferred 2 Visual Studio projects I have over to the
>> PUC-Lua organization: The Visual Studio solutions for Lua and a
>> LuaDotNet project containing the Tuxen scripting engine.
>> - I have added a bin directory that contains binaries and installers for users
>> - Tuxen SE requires Lua 5.1 for which an installer is available.
>> However, there is a full copy of the Lua VS solution embedded (to be
>> removed).
>> What's not done:
>> - The Tuxen scripting engine doesn't work yet.
>> - At some point I'll fill out a wiki entry of the various Windows
>> projects that I've encountered.
>> - Figure out more about LuaRocks binary support, LuaDist. Further
>> investigation of nuget and chocaltey binary package managers
>> - Finding where to dovetail with LuaUsers wiki, and other Windows resources
>> - Add support for old school 2.4 LuaInterface
>> - Convert Tuxen and LuaInterface to 5.x
>> If you'd like to support the effort, please download the installer and
>> test it and report all issues on Github. I shall be pining for more
>> help with the Tuxen scripting engine soon.
>> *Fyi my Visual Studio Professional trial license is running out
>> tomorrow, I will not be able to respond to issues for a few weeks
>> until I get that sorted. (Welcome to Windows!)
>> Russ