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Grey Knight <> wrote:

> I suppose my conclusion is that the attitude of a project member towards
> forks depends on the extent to which they consider the project to be Very
> Serious Business.

Yes, some people do take things a bit too seriously. I try not to be one
of those people but fear I may be treading close to being so currently! ;)

I am not arguing the *politics* of forking, and whether a fork of Lua is
a good thing or a bad thing. I was just trying to clarify the usage of the
term "fork" as it relates to coping and doing independent development of
a project that was not yours to start with. 

>> Personally, I don't think it a Bad thing, sometimes people need to try out
>> new things. As long as credit to the original codebase is always given, both
>> in the spirit and the letter of the license.
> Completely agree!

Ditto. I always record every bit of code that I obtain elsewhere and give
credit where it is due. I even make notes where I obtain answers to problems
I may have (usually via StackOverflow) and give credit for that help as well.