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Soni They/Them L. <> wrote:

> On 2017-11-28 09:43 AM, Paige DePol wrote:
>> Soni They/Them L. <> wrote:
>>> I can't make it part of the standard libraries. So I have to ask for it.
>> I am confused, why can't you make it part of the standard library?
>> Download the Lua source and hack away, then add your new functionality
>> to the game-oriented Lua fork you are working on!
> But that isn't Lua. That isn't the Lua standard libraries, as defined by
> the reference manual.
> That's just a Lua fork.

Right... I thought you were working on a Lua fork, Cratera, right?

So why wouldn't you add your desired functionality to your fork? At least
do the initial work to show the benefits of your implementation and why
it should be something worth consideration of adoption upstream.

If this is something *you* desire to have in Lua then I think *you* will
need to do some of the groundwork towards implementation, no?