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On 26-Nov-17 13:04, KHMan wrote:

Uh oh... I completely missed that when, years ago, when I
published a couple of works including Lua code under CC-by-sa.

(I guess it's too late do do something about it)

The author can always re-license a work he/she still has copyright control/rights over. In some places, it is normal to assign the copyright of a work to someone else (e.g. FSF (GNU) projects, scientific papers). Even so, some GNU projects do accept very short patches (especially bugfixes) as obvious, without having to file FSF paperwork.

Yes, but the amount of work (change all files, documentation, drawings, web pages) would make no sense for old projects that today are seldom downloaded, not to speak of finding appropriate licenses for the code and for the other parts. Unless there are significant problems, I will leave things as they are and keep this in mind for my next project.

(by the way, I still do not understand why CC-by-sa should not be used for software, but I am most definitely not a lawyer).