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I am working on a website to document and distribute my patch collection,
some of which are small "power patches", while others are considerably larger.

I want to use the Creative Commons[1] licensing scheme but wonder about the
"Share Alike" provision. According to the licensing notice in lua.h it seems
Lua gives the user full rights to the software as long as attribution to the
original authors is given in derivative works. The Lua license makes no
stipulations about having to open-source any modified versions of the source.

As some of you know, I have been working on a custom variant of Lua, though
due to family illness and other reasons I just haven't had the time over the
past few years to dedicate time to the project. Finally, it looks like 2018
may be the year I can actually get some time to work on this project, when
I do release the language I need to decide between the Creative Commons
Attribution Only license, or the Share Alike version.

I do not have a lot of experience with open source licensing, most of the
work I have done in my life has been closed source in nature, or where
open source was used the lawyers figured out the details! ;)

I guess I am just looking for opinions between the Attribution Only vs
the Share Alike provisions of the Creative Commons Open Source License.


PS: Sorry if this posting is off-topic, I thought it would be okay as the
    subject relates to Lua licensing in general and patches specifically.