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On Sun, Jun 11, 2017 at 11:30 PM, Dirk Laurie <> wrote:
> 2017-06-12 8:06 GMT+02:00 Russell Haley <>:
>> When I was first pined for an easier way to document things a few
>> months back, I thought of finding if ldoc could generate it. ltokenp
>> is a very attractive candidate. Alas, I have no time for such things.
> In my experience, the time needed to document a program can be
> written off against the time saved when one day it becomes necessary
> to revise the code. But I presume you mean you have no time for
> learning autodocumenting tools.

I mean there are so many fun things available to us in open source
software, it's hard to pick where to apply my time. I made the mistake
of opening the README for ltokenp. :(

> I'll confess to having mixed feelings about those. They demand that
> the author stay aware of how the LDoc version will look. It's so easy
> and so useless to have an expanded version of the function header
> with no additional information.

I suspect you're right about 'ghost documentation'. But it could also
prove a useful tool for quickly adding documentation for that little
script someone wrote that everyone depends on and nobody knows how to
use? Again, the output to ldoc is going to get you a good way to where
I was thinking.