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Russell Haley <> wrote:
> I found your code in Moses very readable and well structured but
> I noticed you use '_' for some 'root' level variables (for lack of
> a better term). My understanding (I think I read it somewhere)  was '_'
> was supposed to be used in cases where you weren't going to use the value
> like in:

Re "I think I read it somewhere". The use of _ for unused/throwaway
variables is definitely a convention in Lua. Maybe you read this in
Roberto's Programming in Lua? "Usually, I reserved the identifier _ (a
single underscore) for dummy variables" (page 5 in the 3rd edition). But
you may have read it in the wiki's style guide or a bunch of other places.

If I had to guess, the original tendency may have started with PiL, but
maybe people who have been in the community longer would know better.


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