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Am 26.02.2017 um 16:36 schröbte
hi all!


what if instead of trees, just using simple labels, and then one can
check for a label, and if getting too much resoultz, then choose a
next one, and this way forward...

The site imported the labels from So we do have labels (just on the site, not on the CLI). Iterative refinement of label selections would be a nice addition, but I more desperately miss a sorting by endorsement like in the old Toolbox because I usually filter the modules by satisfied (well-known) users first before I look for the functionality that I need. This way I can get rid of the 90% crap that Steve talked about.

We *could* add labels to the rockspec so that the CLI can use them, but we would need a way to make the rockspec authors agree on a common set of labels. I'd suggest to give the rockspec authors complete freedom to choose labels, and maintain equivalence sets and a blacklist separately.