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hi all!

what if instead of trees, just using simple labels, and then one can
check for a label, and if getting too much resoultz, then choose a
next one, and this way forward... and paralleled with this ppl could
request for the package names descriptions, labels and whatever they
want to see or not.. kinda easy implementation, and i think it could
be handsome... in addition there could be negative selecting, label
requests for the maintainers, and possibly could have intermediate
local workbase, as one making a request, and then able to work on
that, instead of the full database for the next set of the wished
rules - so kinda narrowing by the previous resoults

(ps: sorry 4 the style... again... it could be much worse but you can
ask for clarification :D aaand i hope i could give any good
suggestions :) )