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Great text! Spent nice minutes reading it!

>From my little experience in all todays packaging systems you need
to know some sort of magic characters: from exact package name
and URL to some more human friendly like "GUI" or "user input".

Task is to create good and simple architecture for matching
packages from variable input.

Luarocks probably have "tags" which author may fill. But IMO this
shortcut solves nothing.

You offer to add categories tree covering all packages. But the
problem is that
  * package may not fit in these categories
    (Okay, we'll add "misc" or "others" category with poker face)
  * package may fit in more than one category in tree
    (Okay, we'll add some sort of hierarchic labels sticked
    to package)
  * There are more than one categories tree possible (indeed,
    almost infinite numbers of trees possible for given set).

    For example we may add another tree like

      - OS'dependent
        - Windows
          - GUI
          - text
          - other
        - Linux
          - GUI
          - text
          - other

    And here I cannot afford quick hack to resolve it.

The most appropriate way I think is to implement this representation
of packages and their categories as graph (graphically, say as in yEd).

And also make several versions of officially supplied views on
packages (several graphs based on the same package set).

I consider this as open interesting problem with practical need
and often think about it.

-- Martin