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2017-02-09 23:45 GMT+02:00 Jonathan Goble <>:

> Bottom line is that the plain text expectation on this list needs to die,
> and I'm done jumping through hoops to send as plain text on this list.
> If you can't read simple HTML in 2017, then you have a problem that
> is not my responsibility to fix.

Now, now. Take a deep breath. Take two.

I happen to type plain text formatted in lines of approximately 72
characters because that is a habit I acquired as a Fortran
programmer at a time when the angry young men on this list had
not yet been born. I don't feel that I am jumping through hoops in
order to achieve that.

But I don't expect anybody else to do so too. What you call "the
plain text expectation on this list" is the exhaust fumes of
a vociferious minority.

Please don't start another vociferous minority in opposition to that.