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On 1/30/2017 12:59 PM, Sean Conner wrote:
It was thus said that the Great KHMan once stated:
On 1/29/2017 11:41 PM, Egor Skriptunoff wrote:
On Sun, Jan 29, 2017 at 5:57 PM, Roberto Ierusalimschy wrote:
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   should 'int' and 'size_t', in C, have the same color?

You can make two different highlighting profiles
and switch between them depending on your needs.

Agree, and I can't think of anything really bad as far as modern
syntax highlighting is concerned, and styling can always be
adjusted to meet personal needs. I don't hear of folks complaining
about highlighting in Visual Studio either. So why are some folks
not using it? Anyone else who prefer monochrome text who wants to
speak up? :-)

   I'll speak up.

   I'm a language maven [1].  I'm not against tools per se (such as code
analyzers or debuggers) but the use of IDEs has *always* mystified me [1].
If I had to wait for syntax highlighting before using a langauge, I would
not have learned BASIC, assembly (various flavors), C, Forth, Perl, Ada or
even Lua [2][3][4].  If I need to jump into some PHP, I can.  I can operate
without syntax highlighting [5].  It's the same with respect to debugging.
I can debug without a debugger, if only because not every language I use
comes with a debugger (see list above).  Yes, they are nice to have, but
for me, not required.

   Note that I am *NOT* saying you are a bad programmer for using a
syntax-highlighting editor, or an IDE, or a debugger.  If that's how you
operate (a tool maven) then fine.  But that's not how *I* operate.

Fair enough. I am not against choice myself.

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[2]	When my editor did get Lua syntax highlighting, I could regularly
	crash it by using --[=[ ]=] style block comments (rare, but I do
	need them occationally).

Reported as a bug to the developers? If it is based on the Scintilla edit control, code I wrote might be at fault -- and I would fix any crashing bug immediately. Crashing bugs should be taken very seriously by any editor.

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Kein-Hong Man (esq.)
Selangor, Malaysia