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Am 13.01.17 um 22:37 schrieb Erik Hougaard:
> On 13-01-2017 13:27, Marc Balmer wrote:
>> LuaJIT and Lua are not the same language.  Similar, maybe, but certainly
>> not the same.
> But I could argue that "C" is at least a hundred different languages,
> and yet are they counted as the same thing in tiobe.
> From a knowledge perspective - if you can program in "Lua" that would
> include LuaJIT also.  So when measuring the score of a language I would
> use the same broad vision on Lua as is used with C.

I consider the latest version of the language as "Lua", older versions
as "previous versions of the language", and LuaJIT falls into the latter

> Anyway, when I put .lua files on guthub, who decides if they are Lua or
> LuaJIT?

Use any Lua idiom not present in previous versions of the language and
you make it clear.  Or use sth that only works in LuaJIT, and it also
becomes clear.

and btw, if we remove 5.1 and 5.2 support in our libraries/modules, then
it's because we don't have the manpower to maintain it.  And with
maintaining we mean not only compiling, but also running some tests.

- mb