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On 25 September 2016 at 18:45, rexonf <> wrote:
> Oops! I wasn't clear and recollected wrong.
> 'libexpat.lib' is the file I had while the rock was looking for 'expat.lib',
> and also appending '/lib' to the EXPAT_DIR. But this might be an old copy of
> expat and the rock was expecting something else.
> Lua for Windows was indeed helpful, got me started for one. Although did get
> frustrated when I couldn't find the source and build scripts when bugs came
> up.
> Just a thought: C++ is having difficulty in getting a filesystem standard.
> Ecosystem is a hard problem, but then again I think Lua appeals mostly to
> C/C++ programmers and we are used to a bare core and a wild ecosystem... and
> we like it... right? :)

I, for one, like the bare core, but I don't like a wild ecosystem. :)

-- Hisham